ALMO IoT Platform

AI based IoT Monitoring & Energy Saving Platform


ALMO means "All Monitoring" and it based on AI technology is smart energy saving and management system that smartly manages environmental elements and related equipment of high power consumption facilities such as buildings, hospitals, shopping malls and convenience stores.

Realtime IoT Monitoring

Analyzing big data collected with various environmental sensors, the equipment is operated efficiently protecting valuable properties from various unexpected disasters such as fire, flooding, and power outages.

Energy Saving with AI

Based on the big data collected, AI algorithm performs optimal operation processes for reducing the energy consumption of connected devices, minimizing costs for each building and facility.


  • Efficient & easy device management

  • Reduction energy consumption  - Remarkable cut down the cost

  • Complete prevention of human error

  • Minimization of the damage due to device failure

  • Extension of equipment life span - Minimization of depreciation

  • Saving labor cost by intelligent operation of AI algorithm


ALMO collects big data through various types of environmental sensors and analyzes them with AI engines to automatically control devices and facilities. This effectively operates and protects valuable property from human error as well as from a number of unexpected disasters such as fires, floods, and power outages.

  • Automatic Control based on big data analysis of AI

  • Device Control at remote places

  • Alarm Notification via SMS & messenger app.

  • Remote Access Control

  • Real-Time Device Monitoring

  • Real-Time Facility Monitoring

  • Real-Time Consumption & Saving Monitoring

  • Customized Multiple Reports

  • User-Friendly GUI


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