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Established in 2013, SiliconCube is a technology-based company providing software, hardware solutions for SoC, FPGA, and Embedded based on development capacities in SoC graphic, video, imaging/machine vision, and more.

Providing a variety of solutions based on hardware and software systems since more than 80% of the company's workforce consists of experienced engineers with strong engineering performance. We're also a proven technology company which has provided core solutions not only to top-level internet portal company in Korea but also to various types of equipment requiring high performance and high quality such as nuclear plants, satellite launcher.

Especially, we are able to supply a number of AI solutions optimized depending on the needs of various customers in the global market based on machine learning, also offering a variety of customer services through our global branches.

Core Competency

We have A.I-based deep learning and machine vision-based development capabilities, development of related embedded solutions, hardware chip design, and software development capabilities.

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Machine vision Solution based on A.I

Deep Learning Solution based on A.I

Embedded Total Solution

Total Service Dev. Performance

Our deep learning A.I engine, which has undergone reinforcement learning, is built with powerful algorithms and continues to be developed.

Our A.I-based deep learning solution is mainly used to learn and recognize license plates in the smart parking field, and is widely applied in a number of other fields.

A.I based machine vision solution based on camera image recognizes a specified object through learning and uses it for various purposes.

Our A.I-based machine vision solution is mainly applied and used in parking detection system (Octa PDS) for recognizing vehicles, but also widely applied in various fields.

Based on A.I-based deep learning and machine vision solutions, we have the ability to develop solutions that are required in various fields as a service and to develop a total service that encompasses the entire service.

As Intel's only one design partner in South Korea, the embedded total solution based on our chip design technology, which has been technically verified for many years, is applied and widely used in the hardware design of smart parking solution and other products.

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