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Thermal camera solution for Fever screening


Thermal cameras SCT-1320 and SCT-1640

New SCT series thermal cameras, SCT-1320 and SCT-1640, are used for radiometric (thermography) application, measuring temperature of objects. They are applied for fire protection (detection), preventive maintenance, intrusion detection, temperature and temperature distribution measurement for process control, and other application.


Those cameras are with latest uncooled thermal detectors with high thermal sensitivity offering high image quality.

NUC (Non Uniformity Correction)

The non-uniformity is a time-dependent noise caused by the lack of sensor equalization, and NUC (Non-uniformity Correction) is artificial sensor equalization in set time interval to keep image quality. At set time interval, camera stops transmitting video data for very short period time for NUC, and it is to keep image quality at higher level which may be acceptable for customers’ requirements

Easy menu control

Using jog switch on the rear of camera, user can control menu very easily while user sees monitor. In case thermal camera is integrate into a certain system, user can control OSD menu via RS485 apart from the camera, using PELCOD protocol or SILICONCUBE protocol

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