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Passenger Information & Entertainment System

LED & LCD Passenger Information Screen

LED screen.jpg

Landscape Passenger Information screens

over Powerline Comms

  • Single Color, Dot-Matrix Style, Display Screen

  • PRM / Tsi Compliant Text Presentation

LED Passenger Information Screen

LCD screen.jpg

Landscape Passenger Information screens

over Powerline Comms or Ethernet Backbone Offering rich video contents

  • Full Color

  • Clear, Crisp Text & Graphics

  • HD Multimedia Capability

  • Real Time Clock

LCD Passenger Information Screen

In-Train Passenger Information & Entertainment System

The single system providing various information such as station information, current location, news, advertisement, etc.

via audio announcement system, LCD Screens & multiple displays inside a train.

PIS 1.png
PIS 2.png
PIS 3.png

Various Display Solution

Passenger Information Board(LED).png

Passenger Information Board(LED)

Passenger Information Board(LCD).png

Passenger Information Board(LCD)

Destination indicator side.png

Destination Indicator

for Side

Destination indicator front.png

Destination Indicator

for Front

Passenger Information Display(single).pn
center control unit.png
automatic voice annountment unit.png

Central Control Unit

Automatic Voice

Announcement Unit

Passenger Information Display(Single)

Passenger Information Display(double).pn

Passenger Information Display(Single)

In-Train Network Solution

Managed Ethernet Switch

SiliconCube’s VORTEX switches provide a high bandwidth network at 100 Mbps/s and 1Gbps/s, allowing the integration of multiple data applications in the same backbone.
Ideally suited for Passenger Information Systems and IP video surveillance, the switches are also secure and reliable enough for the safety related systems.

On train IP network solution

VORTEX Switch also provides bypass function

SiliconCube will deliver the switches into the refurbishment project using enhanced Ethernet technology.

train 2.png

Network Solution

train 3.png
ethernet switch.png

Managed Ethernet Switch
100Mbps, 1Gbps with bypass function, PoE

PoE 1.png

Power over Ethernet

PoE 2.png

Power over Ethernet

Reference in global

Hong Kong MTR / USA Portland / Malasia KL MRT / Indonesia Jakarta MTR / Seoul METRO & MTR / ... / etc.

Hong Kong MTR

PIS reference 1.jpg

Indonesia Jakarta MRT


Malaysia Kuala Lumpur MRT

KL MRT.png

US Portland 

Seoul Metro & MRT

Portland tram 1.png
seoul mrt.png
seoul metro.png
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