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Cube PGS is a Bicycle Parking Guidance System that helps you find parking spaces in bicycle parking more conveniently and park faster.


Real-time guidance from the entrance to the each zone in bicycle parking lot


- Recognizes a various type of license number plates which is irregular and        unstructured based on AI

- Provides unmanned parking management solution replacing ticket     issuance with license plate recognition

- Provides a total service such as access control and various statistics linked

    with gate barrier, payment kiosk, and server

Easy to find parking space at once in a complex bicycle parking lot


- Immediately check the availability of parking with the entrance status board
​- Parking area indicators allows to significantly reduce movement as well as save
    taking time

Cube PGS_How it works


1. Guide at parking lot entrance


2. Parking status by zone

- Display of free and congestion on the
    indicators installed for each zone


3. Bicycle mount recognition

- Mounting the bicycle in an empty slot
(Occupied slot information is sent to       the server)


4. Admin Monitoring

- Administrator can check real-
   time parking occupancy status
   on PC or mobile

Fast empty space guidance

Maximize customers' satisfaction by minimizing the users' waste of time

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Significant saving in parking time

Entrance status board and status indicators of each zone helps to find vacant spaces immediately minimize wasted time.

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Maximizing customers’ service satisfaction


- Reducing congestion in the
    parking lot allows users to
    use facilities with an pleasant
- Free from existing method   
   finding vacant slots from
   every spaces and free from
   stress caused fatigue when
   unable to find any vacancy

Satisfying customers while reducing service provision cost

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Significantly save service cost

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Increase operational efficiency by pleasant parking lot management

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Convenient parking lot management by software

- Significantly reduce labor
   costs for guides who 
   were deployed in each
   aisle through unmanned     operation

-  Improve congestion by
    reducing the number of
    users searching for   
-  Creating a pleasant
     parking environment
     with unmanned operation

- Real time monitoring
    via web or mobile app
    without any limits for
    time and place

- Information of each
    zone shown as easy-
    to-see picture