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Portable negative pressure isolation bed for infected patients 

For emergency transport of virus infected patients 

SC-PB-1000A is a best solution to rapidly isolate a person or an item that is thought to be contaminated by infectious particles or diseases before moving them to an isolated area for safe treatment. 

It generate rapid & strong negative pressure for safe.


  • The isolator is maintained under negative pressure.

  • The exhaust system is equipped with HEPA filter treated with bactericidal enzymes.

  • The flexible film isolator can be opened and closed with a fastener, which allows a patient to easily get in and out of the bed.

  • The unit can be loaded in an ambulance together with a stretcher due to its lightweight and compact design.

  • Blower system provides more than 12 air exchanges per hour

  • The isolator and exhaust system can be separated/folded.

  • Very quiet and very comport for  patient and medical staff,  Noise level is less than 30dB

  • Five-hour continuous operation is possible with a battery.

  • Using 6 Volt Lantern batteries for easy & quickly replacement at emergency situation.

  • Built In Handle for Patients carry for emergency situations A positive pressure model is also available. 

STretcher-ASSY NP015-BENDING-10-A.png

Co Researched with 

  • Seoul national university hospital biomedical research institute laboratory of emergency medical services 

  • Urban safety & Security research institute university of seoul

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