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Hi-performance Server Solution

What is Our SoC & FPGA Solution ?

Customer customized FPGA platform with the OpenCL FPGA programming model and Altera’s massively parallel FPGA architecture. Our solutions are compatible with the Altera Software Development Kit (SDK) for OpenCL and are Ideal for Datacenter Optimized Server FPGA solutions. It is designed with fast optical interface and low power consumption.

In addition, we provide embedded SoC solution for a various type of industry.


ASIC Design

asic design 1.png
asic design 2.png


  • CPU / DSP / BUS / Memory Controller / DMA / Peripherals

  • We developed own configurable cross-bar switching AXI bus fabric.

  • We developed own DRAM controller.

RTL Design

  • Video codec / Vector Graphic Engine / Video Processing / Sound(MIDI) synthesizer / …


  • Modelsim/ncsim/VCS, Design Compiler, PrimeTime, Formality


  • Modelsim/ncsim/VCS, Design Compiler, PrimeTime, Formality

FPGA Design

Planning (Consulting with the customer)

fpga 1.png
fpga 2.png
  • Design Partition : FPGA + other parts

  • Selection of FPGA device, IP to buy, IP to develop

RTL Design & IP Integration

  • IP designed : Video Processing(scaling / mixing / overlay /chroma-keying),
    DMA, 8-VSB modulator, … .

  • Integration of FPGA vendor IP and 3rd party IP such as North West Logic


  • Xilinx/Altera/Lattice

  • High speed Interface : HD SDI / PCIe / QSFP+ / eDP / LVDS / ...

  • Processor : Zynq or SoC FPGA(Linux) / MicroBlaze or Nios(Bare metal)

FPGA Board Manufacturing

  • Over 50 FPGA boards 

Embedded System Design

naver away.png
embedded 2.jpg
embedded 3.png

Turnkey Design Service

  • Hardware

- Electrical Design

-  Mechanical Design(out-sourcing)

  • Software : from OS porting to server application in cloud

Industrial Operating Condition

  • In-vehicle device / In-train device


  • Electronic certification test

  • Reliability test(temperature / humidity / thermal shock / mechanical vibration / mechanical shock / …)


  • Manufacturing


Satellite Launcher Control & Split Network Design / Korea Aero & Space R&D Center

fpga ref 1.png

Network & Embedded Board Design/ Korea Nuclear Power Plant Controller

fpga ref 2.png
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