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Emergency Rescue Simulator & Training 

What is ERS
People who are being rescued in emergencies are often life-threatened.
In such an emergency, CPR is attempted to resuscitate the patient. However, it is very difficult to conduct CPR in a moving car. This is because not only the life of the patient, but also the safety of emergency medical technicians conducting CPR is affected.
Therefore, in order to perform a safe CPR, training at a moving vehicle is essential.
However, there are a number constraints that are difficult to realistically implement, such as securing a driving space and connecting a training system for a mannequin in a real car.
For these reasons, the ERS system is essential for safe and reliable education.
Providing driver simulation environment like real driving environment
Rescue activities such as CPR in various driving environments
Providing training mannequins for efficient training
Providing various training scenarios
Training monitoring system that can be managed remotely by instructors and seniors
Video education system that can monitor indoor & outdoor environments in real time
6-axis drive system
capable of withstanding loads of 10t or more
Driving environment simulator for ambulance drivers
CPR practice screen #1
CPR practice screen #2
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