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Cube PGS

​Bicycle Parking Guidance System Product Lineup


SiliconCube provides a product lineup offering powerful function in order to smart operation of bicycle parking. 

Status indicator that indicates whether parking is available, Bicycle detecting sensor which decides whether bicycle is mounted, CUBE Gateway receiving signals from bicycle detecting sensors and sending the signal to server, and LED Parking space indicator displaying congestion of each zone in the parking lot. 


System Configuration

Simple configuration with intuitive display products and wireless communication method


Status Indicator

Displays the status of available parking space by zone to parking lot users from the entrance.

High-brightness LED displays information about available parking spaces.


Bicycle Detecting Sensor

It's a sensor that is attached to the parking holder to detect the mounting of bicycles and to determine whether or not to use the parking holder.

Convenient install & easy to operate thanks to wireless control.

Provides information of vacant bicycle holder guidance service in conjuction with server.


Parking Space


It's a device that is installed in the parking lot and receives the parking status information of the set area from the server and displays the information on the display.

Displays on the both directions for user's easy identification.

Information is displayed in color (green, red) or in text depending on the condition of the parking area.


CUBE Gateway

Receives the wireless signal from the bicycle parking detecting sensor and relays it to the server. 

1 Gateway is able to be connected up to 1,000 sensors. 

Product lineup